Investigation of Scukin’s Criminal Case Completed

After half–year exploration investigator of the Pervomaisky department of internal affairs in Vitebsk V.Gerdau put the final dot in the criminal lawsuit brought against human rights defender Valeri Schukin (on the results of elections to the local councils of the 25th convening) by public prosecutors of the Pervomaisky and Zheleznodorozhny districts of the regional center.

Schukin has been convicted in compliance with article 189 of the Criminal Code of undermining of the social system and social foundations through distributing leaflets dwelling on violation of the law by the election commission members and on their participation in juggling the election results.

Investigator V.Gerdau toughly violating the Criminal Procedural Code (article 257) refused Schukin of Xerox- copying the materials of his case.

The obvious violation of the law by the investigator was appealed to the Vitebsk regional public prosecutor’s office.