Trial over Young Front activists to start on May 30

A trial over activists of the Young Front is to start on May 30 in the court of Savetski district of Minsk. The case of young activists is to be considered by Judge Ruslan Aniskevich. The Charter’97 press-center has been informed about that by Young Front activists. The criminal case against Zmitser Fedaruk, Aleh Korban, Anastasiya Palazhanka, Alyaksei Yanusheuski and Barys Haretski has been brought up under Article 193of the Criminal Code, “activities on behalf of an unregistered organization”.

As we have informed, the organization tried to get registration in the Ministry of Justice, however the organization was not registered because of its oppositional character. Yesterday Young Front activists once again held a congress of the organization. A statute of the youth public association was adopted. It is stated in the document that the main objective of the “Young Front” is to contribute to uniting and bringing up young people on the basis of Belarusian national idea and Christian principles, building of a civil society in the conditions of democracy and free market, forming of spiritually and physically strong generation.

On May 8 young activists are set to bring documents to Justice Ministry to require registration. “Before the trial we prepared documents for registration once again, because we want to defend our activists from bringing up criminal actions against them under article 193 of the Criminal Code of Belarus which stipulates punishment for activities on behalf of an unregistered organization,” A Young Front activist Barys Haretski said. “We will bring documents as we want to follow the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Belarus and act under them”.

Barys Haretski noted that a criminal action had been brought up against Zmitser Fedaruk, Aleh Korban, Anastasiya Palazhanka, Alyaksei Yanusheuski and him under Article 193 of the Criminal Code. “Submitting documents would not spare us, the case is in the court. But a number of new criminal cases under this article have been opened now, and we submit documents to Justice Ministry so that our activists would not repeat our fate. And everything depends on Justice Ministry now.