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The Committee for the Protection of the Repressed Salidarnasts launched today an information campaign of solidarity with political prisoners in Belarus under the name Week of Political Prisoner.Read more

It has been launched after a press conference in Minsk today.

The campaign should awaken the public, civil activist Ina Kulei said:

“This is a marathon aimed at describing every political prisoner in detail. We need to find something that will interest everyone so that people could read about it on the Internet, in newspapers or hear about it, that would help people understand the political prisoners’ fate and to write letters of support to them.” Read more

After five severe verdicts announced to the Ploscha participants, Alena Tankachova said to Radio Liberty that before the trial the materials of the international investigation on December 19 events were released. The reporters arrived to the conclusion that there were no mass disturbances in Minsk.

“Each time we are waiting for a change from a repressive trend. To some extent we were sure that the conclusions of the experts’ report and a detailed investigation of the evidence will result in the court refusing from the article on “mass disorders.” Unfortunately, the verdict we heard today continues the previous strategy. The sentence is very severe and disproportionate to the offence. These verdicts will sooner or later be reconsidered. Each time it is so sad and painful to see how unmotivated decisions are made and behind them are people’s lives.”

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  • "Low cost" education can not be qualitative

    BISS organized the first presentation on the results of the research project "Human funds in Belarus: a source of competitiveness and modernization."
    The roundtable, which was held on February 15, presented two research papers written by the project organisators: "The Belarusian higher education in international term" (Vladimir Dunayev, Public Bologna Committee) and "Returning to the education and evaluation of human funds in Belarus" (Alexander Chubrik, Gleb Shimanovich, IYP).

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  • Champions of civil society

    The Assembly of non-governmental organizations announced the Champions of civil society.

    In the “Leader of the year” nomination, the award was shared by a journalist, Andrei Pachobut and a political analyst, Valer Bulgakau.

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    18 letters of appeal with Concluding Observations of the UN Committee against Torture were submitted by the Committee “Salidarnasc” to administrations of correctional facilities and pre-trial detention facilities of the KGB and on Valadarskaha str.   “International obligations of the Republic of Belarus are a priority over the national legislation and shall be implemented no matter what the political situation is and despite any other circumstances” – Inna Kuley, Chairperson of the Committee “Salidarnasc”, mentions in the appeal letters she signed.   Чытаць далей
  • 35th Anniversary Of The Moscow Helsinki’s Group

    Famous human rights defenders from Belarus, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Turkmenistan and many others came to Moscow to participate in the International Forum of Human Rights Defenders in Eurasia dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the Moscow Helsinki’s group work. The Forum took place from 11 to 13 May. A lawyer of the Committee for Defense of the Repressed “Solidarity” also participated in the Forum.

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