Political Prisoners

  • Every month “Solidarity” volunteers secure media subscriptions for political prisoners. Among the newspapers and magazines are “Narodnaya Volya”, “Nasha Niva”, “Belgazeta”, “Komsolskaya Pravda”, “Pressball” and others according to the prisoners’ preferences. The newspapers are delivered to the cell that helps to stay informed about all events, be aware of developments and not to be detached from the life outside of prison, as the Volodarsky detention center prisoners writes. The convicts who have been transferred to the colonies receive mass media to their new addresses.

  • The meeting with parents of young people accused in case of “riots” in Minsk on Dec. 19, 2010 took place in “Solidarity” committee. -The latest political criminal proceedings that took place in Belarus, have shown that there is no evidence of riots, that people are accused in - Valentin Stefanovich, lawyer, human rights activist said during the meeting. Occurred trials on Parfiankou, Atroshchankau, Malchanau, Novik, Breus, Haponau, Medved and Likhavid have shown violation of the Criminal Procedure Code, as the investigation is not completed, and the courts have already started their work. The direct involvement of defendants in destroing the property of the Government House has not been proved in court.
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