Students Expelled for Political Reasons Invited to Continue Education in Estonia

Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides scholarships to Belarusian students for 2011/2012 to study at Eurocollege of the University of Tartu. The University of Tartu is the oldest university of the region that was founded in 1632 by the Swedish king Gustavus Adolphus. The University will cover one year tuition, travel costs to/from Tartu, insurance and accommodation, as well as provide visa support to students. Students from Belarus are encouraged to apply by the end of April submitting the following documents:

·         Curriculum Vitae (CV)
·         Portrait photo (digital)
·         Copy of passport (scan)
·         2 page SHORT ESSAY (max 4000 characters) on one of the following topics: ''Challenges in EU- Russia relations“ or ''The status and the perspectives of the countries between EU and Russia“
Decisions will be made in June 2011. Candidates will be notified personally by e-mail.
This is not the first endeavor by the Estonian government to support Belarusian students. In 2006 a number of educational programs were launched for politically persecuted Belarusians. Since then dozens of expelled students could continue their education.

Additional information can be obtained here:



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