• Belarusians praying for Catholic Church

    16 June on the Day of Belarusian Solidarity 150 people gathered at the building of the former Bernardins’ monastery in Minsk. A common prayer was made for returning the St. Joseph’s Catholic Church to the congregation, for disaffirmation of the law on religion and for equal rights of... Read more
  • Court refused to reinstate in job Tatsyana Sevyarynets

    Today Tatsyana Rodzina, judge of Pershamajski district court, read the decree of the court. The court dismissed the claim of the activist of “For Freedom!” movement Tatsyana Sevyarynets to the education department of Pershamajski district of Vitsebsk. Tatsyana Sevyarynets is set to... Read more
  • June 16, 8 p.m. : Prayer service in defense of St. Joseph’s Church

    On the Day of Belarusian Solidarity, June 16 at 8 p.m. Belarusians will pray on the stairs of the building of St. Joseph’s church (Cyril and Methodius Street, 4) for return of the building to the Catholic Church. As we have informed, actions and prayer services in defense of the St. Joseph... Read more
  • Protestants start fasting to defend their rights

    Today Belarusian Protestants start a three-day fasting. After it, on June 17, a nation-wide prayer is to start. The aim of the action is to attract attention to violations of rights of religious minorities by the government. Recently relations between the regime and Protestant churches have become... Read more
  • Another attempt to discredit EHU

    “The European Humanitarian University is first of all the educational and not political project unlike other Belarusian institutions of higher education. It is free of ideological monitoring” is said in the appeal of the management of the university, which was after being closed in... Read more
  • Artur Finkevich’s free time limited

    9 June political prisoner was allowed to spend less than two hours out of the commendant’s headquaters. Yesterday major Uladzimir Mikhailau allowed Artur to leave the guarded territory for an hour and half. Protesting against the arbitrary behavior of the authorities the political prisoner... Read more
  • Activists returned to court and fined

    Young activists Henadz Sharakh, Zmitser Lisiyonak, Ales Dzeravyanka and Andrej Danileuski have been detained on June 6 near the building of Pershamajski district of Vitsebsk. They came to the court to support Valery Shchukin who is tried for a criminal offence, and are under investigation... Read more
  • Valery Shchukin fined 1.5 million rubles

    A well-known human rights activist Valery Shchukin has been sentenced to a fine of 40 basic units (1,240,000 rubles) by a court of Pershamajski district of Vitsebsk. Besides, Valery Shchukin is to pay 250,000 rubles of moral damages for a member of the regional election commission Tatsyana Buevich... Read more
  • Even children of oppositionists face repressions

    Rechytsa bank department No.323 of Belarusbank has secretly taken 539,000 rubles out from the account of 11-year-old Lida Shabetnkik. The girl gets allowance from the state after the death of her mother. The father of the 11-year-old girl, the chairman of the regional branch of the Social... Read more
  • Three More Criminal Cases against Oppositionists Dismissed

    A criminal actions against opposition activists Alyaksandr Uryuski, Alyaksandra Yasiuk and Natalya Starastsina have been suspended. The investigator needed two months to come to such a conclusion. As we have informed, the democratic activist from Barysau, Alyaksandra Yasiuk was detained on March... Read more
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