Hunger Strike of Solidarity

On the 12th day of Hunger Strike of Solidarity it was stopped. Belarussian politicians: Aliaksandr Milinkevich, Paval Seviarynec, Viachaslau Siuchyk and other took responsibility for the future of Mikalaj Autuhovish and persuaded young people to stop their hunger strike.

Mikalai Autukhovich went on hunger strike on April 16 and still continued it. Today it is 37th day of Autuhovich’s hunger strike. Mikalai in prison hospital and in a very bad condition.

He demands:

to send his case to court as soon as possible or

to change the measure of restraint for the detainees from custody to release on their own recognizance.

On May the 4th the open-ended hunger strike was started in order to protect the life of political prisoner Mikalai Autuhovich . The initiators of the hunger strike are the “Young Front” and former Belarusian political prisoners.

Activists of the movement of entrepreneurs from Vaukavysk Mikalai Autukhovich, Yury Lyavonau, and Uladzimir Asipenka were detained on February 8, 2009. On the 18th of February all three of them were accused under article 218 of the criminal code (destroying or endamagement of private property).

They were accused in arson which took place in 2005. The investigation of the arson had already been held and incendiaries are serving terms in prison, they also paid the money for the damaged property. The victims of the arson said that they have no claims to the entrepreneurs.

During all the three months that Mikalai Autukhovich, Yury Lyavonau, and Uladzimir Asipenka are in pre-trial prison no investigative actions were held, and no confrontation with “victims” was held.