Policemen drawn up a report against wheelchair user for picketing city executive committee

Today a disabled person, a wheelchair user Uladzimir Vusikau picketed the city executive committee in Mahilyou. He demanded to reinstate him in the queue for public welfare homes, and compensate a voucher for sanatorium-resort therapy for him.

Policemen have drawn up a report for this protest rally for administrative violation against the disabled person. Now he is to stand trial. Workers of the social defense service of the city have explained to the picketer, that he is the first in the queue for an apartment, but he hadn’t been told about that yet, Radio Svaboda informs.

Uladzimir Vuskou staged his picket at the square in front of the city executive committee at 10 a.m. he placed posters: “Disgrace to deceitful allowances!” , “Who has stolen my advantages?”. He had a poster in front of him: “I anolunce a hunger strike”, and the fourth poster in his hands with his demands:

“Give me a public welfare apartment, to compensate him the cost of the a voucher for sanatorium-resort therapy. I was standing in the queue for social apartment for 4 years. I was to be given the apartment, but I was kicked off from the queue without a notice. I protest and announce a hunger strike. I am a disabled person of the 1st category. I have an artificial mitral valve, and my two legs are amputated,” the picketer told to Radio Svaboda.