Political Prisoners Released On The Day of Belarusian Solidarity

On May 16, on the day of Belarusian Solidarity, family, friends and colleagues met with the political prisoners released from custody at the court room after the announcement of the verdict. Iryna Halip got two years term with a two- year suspension, Paval Sevyarynets – three years of work release, Syarhei Martsaleu – two years with a two-year suspension.

Diplomats, civic activists, Belarusian Christian Democrats and other political parties and movements, independent journalists attended the Zavodsky court. The judge announced the verdict and the convicts joined the audience who met them with a round of applause.
Believers of various confessions hugged their brother and a friend, a co-chair of Belarusian Christian Democrats Pavel Sevyarynets.
“It is hard to say what by what means the court arrived to such a decision. But I think that the goal and the duty of those who were released to help those who are behind bars. So this issue should be raised at the international level to help as much as one can and pray for them. Anyways, the verdict is illegal, because putting people on trial for an action of protest is illegal”, said Paval Sevyarynets to the journalists.
Iryna Halip’s family hugged their daughter gladly; colleagues shook her hand, told her words of respect and gave her flowers.
“What happened to us? We are happy not to be imprisoned for 10-15 years, and they finally gave me an opportunity to walk with my child having deprived him of his father”, addressed the people Iryna Halip. “To think logically, when most suspects got their detention changed for a recognizance, than why to keep a woman with a child locked up? After my husband’s words at court that he was threatened with my and Danik’s life I understand that I had been taken a hostage. My husband was told that his wife and his child were in their hands in a locked up apartment, under their surveillance. They did not have any connection to the outside world and they could not say anything to anyone. I understand that all this time I have been a hostage and still stay one.”
Iryna is angry that she could not be present at her husband’s verdict announcement. She feels sorry that for the next two years she will stay under close control by the Special Forces who will watch her actions.   She wants to have a through cleaning at her house to get rid of the KGB scent.
Iryna Halip told that her son Danik celebrated his fourth birthday on May 15. Father sent him a long letter with poems to congratulate. The boy thinks that his father is away on some adventures and will bring him many presents. Iryna thanked everyone who is not indifferent to her family’s destiny.

The United Civic Party chairman Anatol Liabedzka, Lyudmila Graznova and other civic activists greeted Syarhei Martsaleu, as well as other convicts, and announced that the most important for today is solidarity actions for the release of those unjustly sentenced as political prisoners.


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