The Statement Against Forcible Conscription

On the 7th of February Franak Viachorka, Ivan Shilo and Dmitriy Fedoruk took an oath in Belarusian Army. The Committee for Defence of the Repressed “Salidarnasc” wants to draw your attention to some circumstances which is matter of our concern.

Franak Viachorka was expelled from the university (Belarusian State Uuniversity, the faculty of journalism, 3rd year, in February 2008) on political grounds. Because of this he lost his draft deferment. At the same time he had deferment because of his health till the 11th of March, but it was also called off by the authorities. He has some illnesses which should be the reason for more profound medical examination, than the one he had in military hospital.
Ivan Shilo was expelled from school on political grounds and because of this he had no opportunity to enter higher educational establishment and he got no draft deferment.
Dmitriy Fedoruk is the student of Belarusian Bible College. The license of this college is now being reissued and because of this the college is not in the register of educational establishments of Belarus. But no one but Dmitry was drafted to the army from this college. A year ago Dmitriy had brain concussion and it has to be the reason for profound medical examination than the one which was held by the draft board.
Because of all the above mentioned we consider the draft of Franak Viachorka, Ivan Shilo and Dmitriy Fedoruk to the army to be politically motivated. We demand repeated independent medical examination of these young people.
We would like to ask you to continue the solidarity campaign with the repressed Belarusian youth. We appeal to you to undertake appropriate steps in order to put pressure on Belarusian authorities by demanding to put an end to political repressions in Belarus.