Young Front’s Activists to be judged by Alyaksei Tamanau

Hearing of the Young Front activists will be conducted by judge of the Soviet District Court Alyaksei Tamanau, the Radio Svaboda reports. The date of the hearing has not been appointed, yet.

A criminal lawsuit against Zmitser Fedaruk, Aleg Korban, Baris Garetsky, Alyaksei Yanusheusky and juvenile Nasta Polozhanko was brought by the KGB 4 February.

The youngsters are charged of participation in the unregistered organization.
The “Young Fronters” ’ case is the third after adoption of the additional clause 193 of the Criminal Code.

Last 4 August “Partnyorstva” activists Enira Bronitskaya, Tsimafei Dranchuk, Alyaksandr Shalaika and Mikalai Astreika were sentenced for participation in the unregistered organization. Leader of the Young Front Zmitser Dashkevich was sentenced 1 October.

The trials were held with the doors closed.

Young Front’s activists prepared the documents for their registration at the ministry of justice. The organization makes the fourth attempt to register itself but the authorities keep refusing of its registration.