Committee sums up year results

Almost a year ago the Committee for Defence of the Repressed “Salidarnasc” was set up. Its main aim is to help civic activists. To those who actively take part in democratic movement and through this are repressed by the government. Today we want to analyze the results of our yearly activities. The analytical material that we prepared gives the possibility to see forms of the repressions hold by the government, to understand if the repressed belong to any political party or nongovernmental organization, to show their age, gender, level of education. To see what kind of aid we were able to provide.
More than 1000 people asked for aid during this period. The majority of them are young people 19-25 year olds (62%). They were excluded from the universities. Thanks to the solidarity of European countries the majority of them continue their education in European Higher Educational Establishments. Second group of the repressed are activists who were fired from their jobs.
The main needs of the repressed are:
• Education 50%
• Working place 21%
• Financial aid 9%
• Medical rehabilitation 8%
• Need to get visa 4%
Unfortunately we can not satisfy all the needs of the repressed, but the solidarity with the European citizens is growing and we continue our activities.
Here you can find the whole analysis