Mass Interrogations of Young Front Members in Saligorsk

The KGB brings another lawsuit against the Young Front. This morning in Saligorsk the KGB staff members took two youth activists Rigor Astapenka and Syargei Tkachuk from school to the local department for interrogation. Other two activists Maksim Gamitsevich and Zmitzer Yafimovich received subpoenas for the interrogations. These lawsuits were brought by captain of the regional KGB Zmitser Svistun who in majority of cases personally interrogated the youth activists and made decisions on bringing criminal lawsuits. It is the same person who ordered to detain the Young Front members and keep them in the isolation ward in February this year.

According to the press service of the Young Front the actions of the KGB have resulted in the conclusion that the regime does not intend to stop repressions against the Young Front activists even after the sound court hearing of Zmitser Dashkevich’s case and the coming court hearing of cases of the Young Front activists Zmitser Fedaruk, Baris Garetsky, Nasta Palazhanka, Alyaksei Yanusheusky and Aleg Korban who are charged of actions on behalf of the unregistered organization.