Undercover Men Take Interest in Kalinouski Program

On April 10 in Homel a young activist Volha Dzmitruk was interrogated. She studies in Poland thanks to Kalinouski Program. She was interrogated by unknown right in the car where she had been forcibly seated in the center of the city.

As the BelaPAN informs, V. Dzmitruk returned to Homel to celebrate Easter holidays with her parents. At the moment of arrest the girl was heading to an appointment with her friends. Near the circus a car neared her, and two unknown forcibly seated her into a car. Men didn’t presented themselves, but they started to ask Volha about her studies in Poland, about Kalinouski program and activities of Homel democratic forces. Then the activist was invited to collaborate with the KGB and provide information about students participating in Kalinouski program and about Homel activists to the special services.

“I refused certainly. Then these people started threatening, even by bodily harm. They shouted that I would be sorry in case I refuse. I think they wanted to turn me to another Ulad Mikhajlau,” V. Dzmitruk said.

As we have informed, a former student of the Belarusian State University of Transport (Homel) and a member of the United Civil party Ulad Mikhajlau, who studied in Poland and took part in Kalinouski program, told to Polish newspapers that he had been recruited by the KGB of Belarus. When he returned in Belarus, he gave interviews to the Belarusian TV and made revelatory statements about organizers of the Kalinouski program. In particular, he told that students of Kalinouski program had been allegedly forced to take part in the rallies aimed against Belarusian regime.