• Salihorsk Young Front members were demanded explanations on Minsk blast

    5 Salihorsk opposition activists were called from police and asked to explain where they were on July 4 in the night and whether any of them visited Minsk. “On Monday at about midnight a senior lieutenant of Salihorsk police Salavej called me, my brother Illya, Khrystsina Samojlava, Ryhor... Read more
  • KGB Searches apartment of Nina Shydlouskaya

    A search is being held in the apartment of one of the leaders of the World Association of Belarusians "Batskaushchyna" (or "Fatherland") Nina Shydlouskaya. The search started while the owner of the apartment was absent, community.livejournal.com/minsk_by informs. As we have... Read more
  • 5 days of arrest for EU flag in bag

    The Tsentralny district court of Minsk found activist of the “European Belarus” civil campaign Palina Kuryanovich guilty with “hooliganism”. Militia detained her because she had a EU flag in her bag. It should be reminded that the girl was detained on 3 July about 8.00 in... Read more
  • Opposition activist tortured in police for “Boycott” stickers

    An activist of the Social Democratic party from Barysau Alesya Yasiuk has stated to “Radio Svaboda” about tortures by Minsk police. Alesya Yasiuk has told that the day before she was detained in Bahdanovich Street in Minsk. Policemen of Tsentralny police department found a few stickers... Read more
  • Opposition activist expelled from university

    Rastislau Pankratau, Young Front member, first-year student of Mahilou University named after A. Kulyashou, was invited to the dean’s office, where he was informed about his expulsion. “I felt pressure on me in autumn 2007, when KGB officers began to invite me to talks. They began press... Read more
  • One more “European Belarus” activist in jail on Akrestin Street

    Paval Yukhnevich, activist of the “European Belarus” civil campaign, is serving his 7-day arrest in the jail on Akrestin Street in Minsk since today. The Pershamaiski district court sentenced Paval Yukhnevich in absentia to 7-day of arrest for participation in an official demonstration... Read more
  • Oppositionist taken to mental hospital due to his refusal to collaborate with KGB

    Activist of the youth organisation “Civil Forum” Artsyom Zabaryn was taken to the Minsk mental hospital for examination after he had refused to answer questions of the KGB offices. As Artsyom Zabaryn told to “Narodnaya Volya” , he as called to a military enlistment office to... Read more
  • Repressions against the youth continued by “mopping ups” in universities

    Activist of the youth democratic movement Katsyaryna Manchuk thinks the reason of her expulsion from Mazyr State University was political activity. The girl was called to talks in the dean’s office and was asked to stop her public activity. But the administration of the university insists the... Read more
  • Pickets of solidarity with political prisoner Kazulin banned in Minsk

    The Minsk local authorities forbade holding of pickets of solidarity with political prisoner Alyaksandr Kazulin, former presidential candidate. As BelaPAN learnt from Syarhei Martselau, an applicant for picket, member of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada), the official letter of the... Read more
  • PACE can’t accept Belarus in Council of Europe due to Law on Media

    The situation with freedom of mass media in Belarus is getting worse. Andrew McIntosh, Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly rapporteur on media freedom, told in an interview to BelaPAN. The Belarusian authorities may abandon all hopes for acceptation in the Council of Europe. “We are... Read more
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