• The search in Young Front activist

    In Polatsk the police burst into an apartment which was rented by activists of the non-registrated organization Young Front. According to the youth activist Mikalai Dzemidzenka, the police officers asked those who were in to open the door under the pretext of handing a writ to military enlistment... Read more
  • Action of solidarity

    An action demanding to release opposition activists, unlawfully arrested after the blast in Minsk on 4 July, was dispersed at Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk. More than 50 people came to the square with portraits of political prisoners, and unfurled national Belarusian and EU flags. More than 100... Read more
  • Pavel Nazdra fined

    Pavel Nazdra, activist of the Young Front and the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party, was tried on suit of the military enlistment committee of Mazyr. Nazdra was accused of not having timely informed the military enlistment committee about his retirement from a job several years ago. The court... Read more
  • One more youth leader detained

    About an hour ago near Nyamiha Street an activist of the United Civil Party Mikhail Pashkevich was detained. He managed to inform about the detention to his friends by the phone. At the moment there is no connection with Pashkevich. As we have informed, in April Pashkevich was sentenced for two... Read more
  • Mass arrests of young oppositionists in Minsk

    KGB officers detained Paval Kuryanovich, activist of the “European Belarus” civil campaign, and Alyaksandr Serhienka, member of the political council of the United Civil Party. They were guarded for questioning after the search. Paval Kuryanovich’s sister Palina told to Radio... Read more
  • Winner of national competition expelled from university

    Young Front activist Ales Krutkin, first-year student of Historical Faculty of Belarusian State University, learnt after he had returned from abroad, he had been expelled from the university. A reason for expulsion of the Young Front member was violation of inner rules of the university, namely... Read more
  • Former leader of “Bely Lehiyon” Syarzhuk Chyslau Arrested

    Syarzhuk Chyslau, a former leader of “Bely Lehiyon” (White Legion), was arrested on July 7 and now stays in remand prison in Akrestsin Street. Radio Svaboda has been informed about that by the activist’s mother Halina Chyslava with a reference to her son’s lawyer and KGB... Read more
  • Ihar Korsak detained for nuts and screws

    KGB officers have detained “a suspect in malicious hooliganism” during the night concert on July 3-4. It is a 34-year-old Ihar Korsak. Ihar Korsak’s mother-in-law Tatsyana Tsyatsyorkina told to Radio Svaboda that on July 3 all their family was in their summer cottage and was busy... Read more
  • Young Front members scared with accusation in bomb blast in Minks

    Ivan and Illya Shylas, Khrystina Samoilava, Andrei Tychyna and Paval Batueu, Young Front members from Salihorsk, were detained yesterday during gathering of signatures for Eurointegration of Belarus. But militiamen were not interested in signatures. The young people were asked to explain what they... Read more
  • Condoleezza Rice: it’s difficult to struggle for freedom in Belarus, but changes will come

    US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoke to RFE/RL staff in Prague and answered a number of questions during her visit to the Czech Republic. – You named Belarus the last Europe’s dictatorship last year. Over the time you have been heading the Department of State, the US-Belarusian... Read more
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