• Confrontation in Kobryn: Official confessed blackmailing Alyaksandr Mekh

    Kobryn court has carried out preliminary consideration of the case on complaint of the Belarusian popular Front Party activist Alyaksandr Mekh. He complains of illegal dismissal from work. A month ago Alyaksandr Mekh, an engineer of Kobryn branch of “Beltransgaz”, a member of the... Read more
  • MP Candidate called up for army service

    On 24 July member of the Belarusian Popular Front Vital Karatysh was handed in an order to come to military enlistment office to be transferred to army today. The activist had medical examination yesterday, the results of which showed he has physically restricted status, but is still able-bodied... Read more
  • US President insists on release of Kazulin

    US President called on the US diplomats in undemocratic countries to maintain regular contact with opponents of the regime. George Bush said it in his speech in Washington on 24 July. The American president mentioned political prisoner Alyaksandr Kazulin, who has been in Belarusian prison for 2.5... Read more
  • Independent publisher searched in Vitsebsk blasts case

    Apartment of Zhanna Papova, director of “Vitsebski Kuryer” printing house, was searched today morning. The search was carried out by people in civvies. As it was found out, there was a militia major from Minsk Committee on Organised Crime and Corruption among them. A warrant for search... Read more
  • Detained for \Jive Belarus\ t-shirt

    Three hours spent under age activist Stas Senakosau in Leninski disctrict militia station. Militia reported that activist pasted Young Front stickers. But Stas managed to inform his friends that he was detained just because he was wearing t-shirt “Jive Belarus” (Long Live Belarus).... Read more
  • Movement for Freedom trying to be registered

    Members of the organizing committee of the Movement “For Freedom” filed a complaint to the Supreme Court. The founders of the non-governmental organization believe that the decision of the Ministry of Justice dated June 19th is illegal. The Ministry denied registration to the Movement... Read more
  • Mikhail Sharamet detained

    Today the husband of BAJ board member Aliona Sharamet received a phone call from the KGB department. He was invited to have a “conversation” as a witness in “you know what case we are talking about, the most known case at the moment”. The KGB officer told Mikhail Sharamet he... Read more
  • Another victim of the \blast\ investigation

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  • Pavel Levinau was denied medical help

    This March Paval Levinau, himan rights defender from Vitebsk, rendered legal aid to the journalists whose homes were searched in conjunction with the Minich –Marozau-Abozau case (the case of political cartoons which allegedly insult the honor of the Belarusian president). Those days Levinau... Read more
  • Ales Krauchenia expelled from Baranavichy State University

    A week ago the administration of Baranavichy State University issued the order for expulsion of the student Ales Krauchenia from the fifth year of the faculty of engineering. On 14 July the activist had to take his documents away from the university. On 25 March 2008 Ales was arrested in... Read more
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