• Students Expelled for Political Reasons Invited to Continue Education in Estonia

    Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides scholarships to Belarusian students for 2011/2012 to study at Eurocollege of the University of Tartu. The University of Tartu is the oldest university of the region that was founded in 1632 by the Swedish king Gustavus Adolphus. The University will... Read more
  • EP Adopts Zmicer Bandarenka

    Marek Migalski, member of the European Parliament, adopted Dzmitry Bandarenka, a political prisoner in Belarus. Read more
  • “Salidarnasc” – Five years together

    The Committee for Defense of the Repressed “Salidarnasc” was founded five years ago on the wave of expulsions from universities and layoffs of those most active in Alyaksandar Milinkevich’s and Alyaksandar Kazulin’s electoral campaigns. Unfortunately, today the Committee... Read more
  • Political Trials Continued in Minsk

    These hot April days the whole city of Minsk turned into a courtroom, where the trial is held against political opponents of the existing regime. There hardly has been enough time for the panic in convenience stores to settle down, or for the echo of the horrible terrorist act in the Minsk metro to... Read more
  • Dangerous Jurisprudence

    There is a slim chance for justice when Belarusians go to court, especially if its decision may affect the interests of the state or some government officials. Timothy Atroshchankau  appealed to the Court of Moscow district of Minsk with a claim for financial compensation for moral harm after... Read more
  • Parents of political prisoners gathered together

    The meeting with parents of young people accused in case of “riots” in Minsk on Dec. 19, 2010 took place in “Solidarity” committee. -The latest political criminal proceedings that took place in Belarus, have shown that there is no evidence of riots, that people are accused... Read more
  • Kalinouski program 2011-2012 has started

    Polish Goverment has decided to organize a special extra set of Kalinouski program, after the “Solidarity” Commitee send its request for helping  the students who took an active role in presedential elections and were under the threat of criminal prosecution. 59 young Belarusians... Read more
  • Andrei Klimau has spent week in remand prison

    On April 3 an opposition leader Andrei Klimau was arrested in Minsk. For publishing on the web and article the politician in charged with violation article 361 Part 3 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (appeals to overthrow or change of he constitutional regime of Belarus committed with the use of... Read more
  • Stop discrimination in Belarusian universities

    Minsk Moscow district court has not satisfied the claim of the former student of Political Science department of Law Faculty of BSU Tatyana Shaputska to the Ministry of Education and BSU. Tatiana was expelled immediately after she had been invited to participate in the Civil Society Forum \Eastern... Read more
  • Statement on Aleh Surhan's sentence

    Committee for Defence of the Repressed “Salidarnasc” is very concerned by the sentence to Aleh Surhan. On the 19th of February Aleh Surhan was sentenced by Vitebsk Kastrychnicki district court to 6 months of arrest and 2,5 millions Belarusian rubbles of compensation under the article... Read more
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