System of higher education in Belarus has become a tool for political repressions against dissidents, as mentioned in the Statement.    We ascertain that systemic violations of human rights in Belarusian institutions of higher education anchor authoritarian rule inside the higher school... Read more

    In connection with the fact that three students were expelled from Minsk State Linguistic University, Committee “Salidarnasc” sent out letters of reaction and pressure to Natallia Baranava, rector of MSLU, so that to “clear out the situation, to objectively assess cause of events... Read more
  • Released From Prison Hospital

    The following day Dzmitry Uss, former presedential candidate was released, state media reported that "Lukashenka pardoned some of the prisoners convicted for the "street riots" in Minsk on December 19, 2010. Dzmitry Uss released October 1 from prison hospital, when he was recently... Read more
  • Uss mother: "I'm worried about son's state of health"

    Ex-candidate on the presedential elections, political prisoner Dzmitry Uss’s been transferred to the medical center in the detention center on Valadarsky street in Minsk. As the result of the medical commission there, prisoners disability group has changed from third to second, as the wife of... Read more
  • 35th Anniversary Of The Moscow Helsinki’s Group

    Famous human rights defenders from Belarus, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Turkmenistan and many others came to Moscow to participate in the International Forum of Human Rights Defenders in Eurasia dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the Moscow Helsinki’s group work. The Forum... Read more
  • Political Prisoners Released On The Day of Belarusian Solidarity

    On May 16, on the day of Belarusian Solidarity, family, friends and colleagues met with the political prisoners released from custody at the court room after the announcement of the verdict. Iryna Halip got two years term with a two- year suspension, Paval Sevyarynets – three years of work... Read more
  • Yauhen Skrabutan submitted a letter to the Minister of Education

    Yauhen Skrabutan, a Kalinouski program grantee, submitted a letter to the Minister of Education, in response to Machkevich’s media statements that students are not expelled on political grounds in Belarus. Yauhen Skrabutan reminded the official about the story of his expulsion. Read more
  • Godparenthood for Mikola Statkevich

    Franz Thönnes, a member of the German Bundestag from the Social Democratic Party (SPD) parliamentary group and a member of the German Bundestag’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, takes over a prisoner’s godparenthood for Mikola Statkevich. Read more
  • Tankachova: "Unmotivated decisions"

    After five severe verdicts announced to the Ploscha participants, Alena Tankachova said to Radio Liberty that before the trial the materials of the international investigation on December 19 events were released. The reporters arrived to the conclusion that there were no mass disturbances in Minsk... Read more
  • Press for political prisoners

    Every month “Solidarity” volunteers secure media subscriptions for political prisoners. Among the newspapers and magazines are “Narodnaya Volya”, “Nasha Niva”, “Belgazeta”, “Komsolskaya Pravda”, “Pressball” and others according... Read more
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